Lucy started creating and developing her unique product ideas in her head whilst watching her young children play daily in their greenhouse. Lucy set out with no financial backing, no contacts and a sketchbook full of ideas, to become one of the most creative and talented illustrators & product designers in the UK.

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06 March

Our New Arrival

On a rainy February Monday, Steve and I travelled all the way to Bristol to pick up our beautiful new baby hoglet. We entered 'Reptile Zone', the shop owned by a very patient Pete, (who had answered countless texts and emails from me - a very excited (and slightly neurotic!) new hedgehog owner!) There on the counter we saw the little box. Pete opened it and there she was, the most gorgeous little creature I have ever seen (obviously my newborn children come a close second!!) Pete instructed me to "pick her up." Now, I have done hours of research... Read More

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