About Us

From Lucy & Co are a small team with huge ideas.
We have a simple mission: To make the world a happier place, one gift at a time!
We create all of our amazing books and products ourselves from our studio in beautiful Devon, in the South West of England.
If you buy from us you can be sure you are supporting a small business with love and family values at the heart of everything we do.
Read on to find out about how we started, who we are, and how we made our childhood dreams become a reality...
When Lucy was small, she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.
She drew and drew and drew and worked reeeeeally hard writing stories and comics and all manner of fun things until one day, she WAS all grown up with children of her own.
In the daytimes Lucy would look after her little ones. Their favourite place to play was an old greenhouse in the garden. While they made mud pies Lucy sat on a tree stump and came up with big ideas for amazing creations in her head. Then, when night time came and everyone was sleeping, she would set about making her ideas come to life, creating bright, beautiful and exciting personalised prints, books and other wonderful things.
Lucy was very happy that other grown-ups liked the ideas she brought to life, and as more people liked her work, the more she did, until she could not fit her work into her little house anymore and needed some more people to help.
And that is how From Lucy & Co began. Lucy found some really nice people and formed a club with them, so that they could make more cool things and send them to people all over the world!
Now she gets to have fun with her friends every day, making bigger, bolder and more brilliant products than EVER before!
Thank you for supporting From Lucy & Co, we really do appreciate it
Even though we are grown-ups now, we are all doing what we always hoped we would do:
celebrating the loveliest things in life with YOU.

Meet the Team

Lucy JOB: The Boss. Really good at drawing and writing books. She is the leader and we all look up to her, even James who is much taller




Steve JOB: The Other Boss. Writing funny things. He is sometimes on the telly, and can also play piano, but his jokes are awful Helen JOB: Head of 'This is funny'. So good at finding and writing funny stuff. AND she buys all the things we need for our clubhouse to work. She always gets made to work with Steve which is annoying cos he is naughty and she is good Susanne JOB: Head of 'When will it arrive/How do I get one' etc. Brilliant at detective work and talking to people. Also is best at big sheets of numbers and information James JOB: Chief of Drawing. He can draw everything and is really good at computers. He also knows what things are trendy Olivia JOB: Head of 'Look what we've done' Is really good at making videos of our stuff, taking photos of it, then showing the world what we get up to Lizzie JOB: Drawing and Colouring-in wizard. She is so good at drawing dogs, but also likes to draw pretty quotes that make you feel warm and fluffy inside




We are very proud of what our little company has achieved over the years, from its humble beginnings in a greenhouse to selling all around the world!
We are also proud of what we stand for: supporting local businesses, using local suppliers wherever possible and giving back to our community.
We believe that family comes first and those of us who are parents are home every single day for school pick up, the weekends and school holidays. We look after each other, support each other, have a lot of fun and we even go for a walk around the park every lunchtime together! When you buy from us you are supporting a small business who genuinely care.
Thank you.
Lots of love
From Lucy & Co xxx