With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about the best gift for your loved one. Whether you’re on a small or big budget, we’re sure to have something that will make them smile on that romantic day in February.


5) Little Love Kit / A Little Kit For… My Love

The Little Love Kit was created by Lucy to show her husband, Steve, just how much he meant to her. This gift works for the ‘puppy love’ stage, but also for the more established old married couples! Purchase your little kit here.



4) Our Song Personalised Framed Print

Steve sang a song especially for Lucy at their wedding. She wanted to remember the highly emotional occasion, so created this print for him. He loved it! Purchase your framed print here.



3) Lovebird Mugs (Set of Two)

Birds are one of Lucy’s favourite things to draw (can you tell?). She loves watching them in the garden, and their shapes and colours. For that extra bit of personalisation, you can add a special date (maybe the day you met, or the day you married). When the mugs are apart, they make next to no sense, but when they’re together, they read “made to be together” with the special date underneath. Purchase your mugs here.



2) Corelli Trees Framed Print

This gorgeous Corelli Trees personalised print is a visual representation of the beautiful Louis De Bernieres’ “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” quote, often read at weddings. It’s Steve and Lucy’s favourite gift to give at weddings, and is also proudly hanging on their wall. Purchase your Corelli print here.



1) Valentine's Day Love and Hedgehugs Every Month

Why stick to showing someone you love them just on Valentine’s Day, when you can show them all year round? When Lucy’s best friend moved away, she still wanted to know that Lucy was thinking of her. She drew little illustrations on each card, along with Horace and Hattie the Hedgehugs, and a little inspiring quote to remind her that at least once a month, she was in her thoughts. So now, she’s created a Valentine’s Day Love and Hedgehugs a month so you can show your loved one, how much you love them all year round! Purchase your Hedgehugs Every Month here.

Post By Olivia Searle