The Best Personalised Books For Kids

Tuesday, 22nd of August 2023

At From Lucy, we take delight in bringing smiles to little faces through the magic of personalised books. We believe that the world of storytelling can be made even more enchanting when children become the heroes of their own tales. In this blog, we'll explore

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Best Personalised Gifts For Teachers To Show Your Appreciation

Friday, 24th of June 2022

At the end of the academic year, many people across the country will be looking for something special to gift to their teacher. It takes a special person to be a great teacher, so why not show your appreciation and treat them to something lovely. Many gifts

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Unique Personalised Father’s Day Gifts 2020

Thursday, 14th of May 2020

This year Father’s Day falls on Sunday 21st June 2020. Here at From Lucy, we have a wonderful selection of thoughtful and fully customisable Father’s Day gifts. Celebrate the special relationship between a father and his child/children with our beautiful

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Our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide

Tuesday, 19th of November 2019

Our range of unique, fully customisable gifts will make the perfect bespoke present this Christmas. In this guide, you will find a wide selection of gift ideas perfect for your family and friends. 

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What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With Your Teeth?

Thursday, 28th of March 2019

As parents we've probably all told the story of the elusive Tooth Fairy and her twilight exchanges of baby teeth for pennies, but the biggest mystery still remains... 'Where does your tooth go?'

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