We are absolutely delighted to announce that our French partner website, www.fromlucy.fr, has launched today! Vive la France!

 This is the result of a lot of hard work, vision and determination from two highly-driven women who believed it was possible, despite coming up against many hurdles.

It all started about a year ago when our friend Rhiannon Owen contacted us with a tentative idea: had we ever considered selling in France? It was, of course, a lovely idea. But our spoken French was only enough to enjoy a few simple pleasures while holidaying in France, and the logistics of sending our beautiful personalised artwork to the Continent were a headache.

So her next question was: had we ever considered opening a French franchise, with her running it? Not a bad idea, we thought. 

So we organised a meeting with our accountants and a franchise team. We came out rather shell-shocked! It would be extremely expensive, long-winded, and in the words of the franchise chap, "Your life as a designer is over and your life as a franchiser begins". It didn't sound like an appealing prospect. But, not one to be deterred, Lucy spent a sleepless night thinking about a solution and a partnership seemed to be the answer. 

Great Teamwork

Rhiannon shared Lucy's vision and the ball started rolling. With the help of our incredible web team at www.westcountrywebsitecompany.com, we came up with a way to clone our own website. With the advice of our fantastic lawyer at www.offtoseemylawyer.com, we created a contract. And with the support of our lovely accountants at www.alexanderandco.uk.com, we worked out a system to co-ordinate the commission. And then Rhiannon's hard work began. She has impressed us all here in the UK's FromLucy HQ, finding ways to translate all the products, finding suppliers to match our products' qualities and teaching herself all about how to run a personalised e-commerce website.

We are delighted with the finished www.fromlucy.fr website and we are very proud of Rhiannon and her husband Marc who will be running it (alongside looking after their two lovely little boys - no mean feat!). So if you know anyone in France who would love some personalised loveliness, you know where to send them.


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