Whether it’s among your family to save money, a lucky dip in the office or for someone that you just don’t know, Secret Santa is becoming more and more popular by the year. See our suggestions below on what you can get for who!

Little Friendship Kit | Russian Doll Mug | Messages for You


Our Little Friendship Kit is the perfect way to show a friend just how much you appreciate them. Although the message can be personalised, you can always keep it generic by just typing "To Lucy, Secret Santa 2017"!
The Personalised Russian Doll Mug is a fab gift for someone who loves to have a morning brew in style, and so personalised! Tell us all of their features, including their hobby, and we'll create a doll that looks like them!Messages for You is that gift for someone who you don't necessarily see frequently, but you know they're always there. This is the perfect gift if you do your Secret Santa draw with a group of close friends, and want to give them something extra special.



Personalised Christmas Challenges | This Girl Mug | Things You Should Know Quiz


Swap seats with your boss and challenge them this Christmas! Our Christmas Challenges are perfect for them to do with their family, friends or even colleagues throughout the Christmas period!
New to this year, our 'This Girl' collection is a fab way to truly impress your boss - just choose from the 16 illustrations, pick a hobby, and we'll do the rest!
General knowledge fans, look no further. Our 'Things You Should Know' Quiz is a must have for anybody who loves picking people's brains around the Christmas dinner table - and a perfect way to interact with the family!


Your Elf Children's Story Book | Christmas in a Box | Woodlands Hedgehugs Activity Book



For the child that you know VERY well! Our 'Your Elf' Story Book is the gift that will make ANY child smile. Every page is personalised, making the book extra special.
Our classic 'Christmas in a Box' is a fab gift for a slightly older child that you may not know so well, but know them enough for them to be in the Secret Santa list!
Horace and Hattie HAD to be featured in our gifts for kids. This is a perfect gift for children that love being outdoors, or maybe even some that need encouraging to go on an adventure when the weather's a bit warmer!


Personalised Family Challenges | Russian Doll Family Print | Things You Should Know Quiz


Our personalised Family Challenges are fabulous entertainment for the WHOLE family! Whether you make a day of it, or spread them out through the Christmas holidays, they're bound to make people laugh!
The Russian Doll print is a luxury print that you treat a family to if you were on a slightly higher budget. It's a perfect gift if you were doing the family-to-family Secret Santa draw!
Back to the Christmas 'Things You Should Know' Quiz! It's basically a must have for everyone, but if your budget is under £10 - then this is perfect. Entertainment at the Christmas dinner table is essential!



Star Wars AT-AT Print | Happy Memories Memory Box | Teenage Girl Challenges


Our Star Wars AT-AT print is a fabulous gift for anybody who LOVES Star Wars! This retro print would look great in any bedroom, with simplistic colours and a white frame!The 'Happy Memories' Diary Box is one of our best sellers over the Christmas period, and it's a lovely way to store all of your happy memories. Pair it with our Worry Box if your teenager is needing a slight pick me up with our Happy & Worry Box Bundle.Another best seller, our Teenage Girl challenges is a wonderful secret Santa gift - as all we need to know is the teenagers name! (also available for boys)


Little Grandparent Kit | Love and Hedgehugs Every Month | Retirement Challenges


Our 'Little Grandparent Kit' may ruin the 'secret' in Secret Santa, BUT it's too cute not to add to our gifts for grandparents list. Add a personalised message to the lid and watch your grandparents' eyes fill up with tears on Christmas morning.
Love and Hedgehugs Every Month is a wonderful way to surprise your grandparents every month.  A little card with a charm will be posted through their door once a month for a year, bringing a smile to their face. It's a must have if you're looking for a long-term heart-felt gift!
Retirement Challenges - just because they're entertaining. Keep their brains active with 36 challenges - from creating a dream bucket list to learning a new language.

Post By Olivia Searle