You're busy, the December weeks are disappearing fast and you know there's still loads you need to get before the big 25th.

We've all been there, so worry not - From Lucy are here to help!

Leaving Christmas until the last minute is something we all tend to do and it can be particularly time-consuming and stressful thinking of how to make this year the 'most magical' one yet.

If you're dreaming of sparkling decorations, festive games, Yuletide gifts and more, we've put together a selection of our snow-dusted favourites to make a big impression on adults and youngsters alike.

The secret to creating a truly memorable, special and unforgettable Christmas really lies in the uniqueness of the experience - and this is where our personalised presents and one-of-a-kind gift boxes come into play...

Here are 7 of our favourite festive treats to capture anyone's imagination this season.

Christmas Challenges

36 Christmas challenges in one fantastic gift! Each card comes with a unique festive action that you or your family member will have to follow - some are funny, some will make you think and some will require you to work as a team! For a finishing touch, personalise the outside of the box with the name of the person receiving the gift!

Christmas In A Box

Make sure everyone knows that Christmas has arrived with this 7 piece set containing everything from greeting cards and party hats to mini Christmas trees and a cute little candy cane! The perfect way to keep your children occupied over the busy festive period.

Personalised Christmas Eve Children's Book

The night before Christmas can be a restless time for youngsters, so get them ready for the big days ahead with this unique and spellbinding story following a humble mouse as he helps Santa Claus deliver all his presents... But will he make it in time? You'll be able to personalise this book with your children's names to get them involved in every level of the story.

Personalised Children’s Christmas Sack

Make these festive drawstring sacks part of your Christmas morning routine! Perfect for filling with all those gifts that are too big for the stocking, the beautifully illustrated designs can be personalised with your child's name as a heartwarming touch.

Little Christmas Kit

Sometimes the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages... This cute festive kit comes with a series of beautiful charms, beads, stars and a Christmas message you can craft yourself!

Personalised Christmas Mug for Santa

Revelling in the mythology of Father Christmas is a fun way to really make the season magical. So on the night before Christmas, get your kids to lay out this personalised Merry Christmas mug and a little mince pie for the man himself to enjoy when he takes a trip down your chimney...

Post By Ed Mason