It’s a problem all parents face...

What To Do With The Children's Artwork?

Many of us have been there... what do you do with the mountains of masterpieces created by the kids? Is your fridge full up? Is your wallpaper hidden behind creations in crayon? How can you display those delightful doodles in a nice, neat, and new way?

The Great Works’ is the answer. Frame them forever in this fantastic new book, designed, created and published by FromLucy!


This beautiful book contains ‘pocket pages’ with a rectangular (A4) window on each page. This window is surrounded with a printed beautifully illustrated frame, designed by Lucy,  worthy of the greatest painting.


When the child’s artwork is slotted into the pocket page it is automatically ‘framed’ forever in the book.


There are even little stickers shaped like plaques, where the picture's title/artist's name etc can be written and stuck onto the frame.


The first page is blank, ready to be filled in with information ‘About The Artist’, where you can write about your mini-Monet or didi-Dali.


Once filled, The Great Works can be left to enjoy and remember, or emptied out ready for the next term's work, or given as a present to a doting grandparent. You could even keep it and give it back to the 'artist' when they are older as a lovely trip down memory lane!


Children's drawings are a symbol of being carefree, uninhibited, unspoiled, innocent and magical.
Pictures of worlds where anything is possible and where there are no rules.Use The Great Works to celebrate your children's creativity, and to remember how they once were before life got in the way. Available now at FromLucy!




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