Say Thanks

We're Back... and it's time to Say Thanks!!!!

I'm delighted to say we have all waddled safely back to FromLucy HQ, full to the eyeballs of the usual Christmas fodder that befuddles and slows you down in true festive fashion.

However, the huge bundle of orders greeting us on our return has whipped us all into a frenzy, got our hearts pumping again and we are raring to go!

It's January, which is not only the month of feeling a bit light of pocket, bloated, slightly gassy and perhaps a little unwell, it is also the month to say THANKS! Yep... it's thank you card season!

If you have an extra special THANKS to say, then why not say it with a Thanks A Bunch Box?

A cute little craft colour box, featuring a tiny glass vase and some illustrated paper flowers, with an option to add your personalised message in the lid, to show someone that you are saying thank you and really mean it!

Order today at FromLucy and spread a little love and say thanks!

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