A New Book For Older Siblings!

Here at FromLucy HQ, we LOVE babies. Really reeeeally LOVE little tiny cute sweet adorable weeny babies...
and that is why we make so many products especially to celebrate the arrivals of special little people all over the world.From our hugely popular The Day You Were Born personalised print, which already features on many walls, (including the wall of actual Royalty!) to our lovely Firsts Box, and our Welcome To the World personalised book, we really have gifts for new arrivals absolutely sorted.

But there has always been one thing we meant to do. One almost-overlooked special little person that we wanted to provide a gift for.
And that person is JUST as important as a new baby.....

And that little someone is:

The freshly appointed Big Brother or Sister to a new baby!

We've all been in the situation when going to visit a new arrival, and then thought; "ooh we ought to get something for Cleo / Freddie too", in case she/he feels left out with all the attention and gifts showered upon their new little sibling.

But here at FromLucy  we firmly believe that the bigger sibling has a very very important role to play in the life of the new baby, and we developed a personalised book to help celebrate how important that job is, and to illustrate what that new role involves:

'Now You're The Biggest' is our new book, celebrating the importance of the big Brother/Sister when a new baby arrives.

from Lucy-191from Lucy-181

Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written by Lucy Tapper, this adorable book follows a little fox and it's bigger sibling, who demonstrate all the things the eldest will help the youngest with in life, such as teaching them how to share, how to be brave, how to be a good friend etc, and how the little one will ALWAYS look up to the bigger one!

from Lucy-197from Lucy-169

The book has many personalised features, including a message from the giver of the book to the child, plus information on when their new 'job' began (when  the baby was born!). There is also mention of where they live, and a beautiful heartfelt phrase at the end:

"Daisy, your little sister Holly is very lucky to have you as her big sister.
She will always be your friend.
You will always be her hero"

Plus the front and back cover can be personalised with the recipient's name too!

from Lucy-176from Lucy-195We also thought it would be lovely to be able to give this book before the new arrival - so you can choose one of two versions where the name of the new baby and birth date is included, or when it is slightly more 'open' to the idea that a new baby is on it's way soon!

Now You're The Biggest_Lucy Tapper_FromLucy_page one versionsNow You're The Biggest_Lucy Tapper_FromLucy_page two versions

This book is truly a keepsake to look back upon forever, and will really make that little person feel SO special!

So, join us at FromLucy  in not only loving little tiny cute sweet adorable weeny babies, but also in celebrating the importance of the Big Brother or Sister.

Order your copy of 'Now You're The Biggest' today! (Or when the baby is here!)


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