The Day You Were Born book!

Here at FromLucy we are proud to announce the new arrival of a beautiful, bonnie.... book!

The Day You Were Born personalised new baby book is the latest addition to our range of lovely personalised children's books, written by FromLucy's own award winning Hedgehugs authors Lucy and Steve, and featuring the wonderful illustrations of Lucy Tapper.

This amazing book is packed full of information completely unique to the baby and the day that they were born, all beautifully weaved together in a gentle, colourful story.

Both the front and back covers are personalised, as well as every page inside, making this a truly one of a kind product – just like the new baby!


Each page features an adorable cheeky monkey, alongside facts all about their birth-day, including the date, time and weight at birth, plus information about the child’s birth stone, which Chinese year they were born in, their birth flower, the sunset and sunrise times on that day, and other astrological and astronomical facts. Together they make a lovely little portfolio of beautifully illustrated personalised information, that will be amazing to look back upon for years to come.

This lovely book lets that special little child know that their arrival is an important one, and that their birth will always be one to be celebrated by their friends and family. This is truly a book to keep forever.

Order your copy today at FromLucy!

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