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As winter has rolled on and kept us all indoors, our Lucy has been buried in her sketchbook, working on lots of new product designs and also creating fantastic new imagery for Horace & Hattie the Hedgehugs.

(When she's not drawing, she keeps her hands warm in her Hedgehugs Hugging Mittens. Still in stock at FromLucy!)


I thought this would be a good time to give you a little heads up as to what we've been doing, what is out now, and what is on the way here at FromLucy HQ.

Firstly, we are very pleased to announce that the third book in the Hedgehugs series is out now! 'Hedgehugs Hopping Hot' is a lovely story, in which Horace & Hattie are trying to play their favourite hopping game, but it's too hot to hop! They try to copy the ways that other animals keep cool, with very funny results! Will they manage to beat the heat and still play their game?All copies of 'Hopping Hot' bought from us here at FromLucy are signed by the authors!

Don't forget, we also have in stock our new popular Board Book versions of the first two Hedgehugs books!


Did you manage to catch our Challenge Boxes over Christmas? They sold like hotcakes, and we only just managed to keep up with demand... and they are still an amazing fun product for under a tenner. We also listened to some of your feedback and are currently working on Version Two of the Challenges... and we'll announce their arrival in the near future. But for now, grab yourself one of our many Challenges boxes, they're designed to help families and friends spend time together making memories and having fun.


This Winter will also see us launch some brand new products! Hooray!

We have a series of amazing quiz based gifts that are moments away from launching... I can't tell you too much about it at the moment without driving to each of your houses to ask you to sign a non-disclosure document, and if I'm honest, I'd have to get Lucy to help too, then she'd get lost (she's notorious for her 'sense' of direction) and we'd be in a right pickle. So suffice to say, we have a FUN series of little gifts about to launch,that we know you'll LOVE... more info soon.

back mum's the word whole

We also have a wonderful array of new personalised books launching this year. Firstly, a beautiful Christening book, filled with inspirational quotes illustrated by our own Lucy Tapper, personalised with the details of that special little person on their Christening Day, Naming Day, Dedication/Blessing Day. 1st Birthday etc. You'll also have the opportunity to select a religious or non-religious life affirming quote to start and finish the book.

The images from the book are so beautiful, we have decided to offer them asĀ  framed prints too! We'll be launching these very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

suny sidesomething goodpg 1 (non religious)dreamer 2

Another personalised book we are launching will be just the thing to buy for the big brother/sister of a new born baby... overlooked-no-more with our new book that tells the older sibling why they are SO important!

pg 4 and 5pg 24 and 25

It's a busy busy year ahead for us all here at FromLucy HQ, not least Lucy who will be working her drawing hand across all our new products, AND some more Hedgehugs goodies. Believe it or not, the Hedgehugs calendar for 2018 is in the design stage now, as is the next book for the UK and the USA!

We'll let her sleep eventually, probably next Winter. As long as she doesn't make like a hedgehog and go into hibernation!

Happy 2016 everyone, not long 'til Spring and the light evenings are here again.




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