It seemed a long time coming, but finally we are due our first shipment of FromLucy's very own Steve & Lucy's second installment in the Hedgehugs book series..

'Horace & Hattiepillar'


The story follows Horace and Hattie the Hedgehugs,  who are the very best of friends, and enjoy doing everything together. One day they find something tiny and interesting under a leaf. But what is it?

The adorable and hugely popular Hedgehugs are back for their second adventure in 'Horace and Hattiepillar'.

The first Hedgehugs book was published in January 2014 and now has a dedicated following of fans. It has been shortlisted for several awards including the Evening Standard’s Oscar’s First Book Prize, The People’s Book Prize and The Heart of Hawick Award.
In ‘Horace and Hattiepillar’, the lovable pair are inspired by a strange discovery under a leaf to turn themselves into something ‘beautiful, colourful and wonderful’. Read their story and find out whether it’s possible for hedgehogs to fly!


Enjoy reading this to your little ones, or giving this as a gift to someone special. This is a must have for any Horace & Hattie fan!‘Horace & Hattiepillar' is a book for anyone who loves beautiful pictures, moments of fun, wonder and joy, and most of all, two adorable characters.

For more about Horace & Hattie, the world they live in, and many activities for the kids to get involved with, head to the Hedgehugs Offical Website!

'Horace & Hattiepillar', available now at FromLucy, with each copy signed by the authors!

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