Valentine's Day is just around the corner and FromLucy has a huge range of beautiful personalised gifts that will dazzle your sweetheart. Here is just a small selection of what we think will help you sweep them off their feet. What better way to show your love than a gorgeous personalised treat for your Valentine?


FromLucy's Little Love kitThe Little Love Kit

This beautiful little gift box can be personalised with your message of love. The Little Love Kit has a series of heartfelt phrases in the base of the box which each correspond to a cute little charm made from wood, metal or enamel.

FromLucy's Little Love Kit is a wonderful and unique way to say, "I Love You!"

FromLucy's Love Bird Mugs Love Bird Mugs

A beautiful pair of mugs to celebrate a happy couple featuring beautifully illustrated love birds, with the name of your choice next to it.When the Love Bird Mugs are pushed together the birds are kissing and the words “Made to be together” become clear.

Perfect for those who are made to be together!


Corelli Trees personalised print

These gorgeous trees are a visual representation of the beautiful quote from Louis De Berniere's Captain Corelli's Mandolin, often read at weddings or any occasion that celebrates the feeling between two lovers.

The two Corelli Trees grow together, their roots merging together. The space between their trunks forms a heart and the following words (based on the words in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) are written in this space:

Love is roots that have become so entwined together it is inconceivable to ever part. Roots that grow towards each other underground and when all the pretty blossom has fallen from your branches you find that you are one tree and not two

Each tree is personalised with the yours and you loved one's names and a special date. This truly is a unique one-off gift, perfect for Valentines lovers with deep roots, or a wedding present with a difference, perhaps for a couple who have everything, or that person you love. It is guaranteed to make someone’s day.


FromLucy's Happy Box Happy Box

Remember and treasure your happiest moments with that special someone forever more, with this unique way to capture your memories.

This lovely box is a perfect gift for a pair of sweethearts. The surface of the box is a deep wine red, illustrated by Lucy Tapper with a gorgeous pattern and a joyful little bird.

"Whenever something makes you smile, or your heart sing.
Whenever someone is kind or you see something beautiful.
Whenever your sides hurt from laughing or you are filled with warmth and love,
write the date and your happy moment onto a little card, then post it in the top.
Open your box of joyful memories when it is full, or in a years time,
or just when you need to remember what a happy place your world can be.”

The box comes with 40 little illustrated blank cards, in four different designs, neatly packaged in a drawstring bag, and are all ready to be written on and then posted into the slot at the top of the box.


Love Birds Personalised Print

FromLucy's Love Birds Personalised PrintA stunning print featuring two Love Birds which are hand illustrated with pen and ink in a folk-art style, on a background of dandelion clocks.

They hold the two initials of the happy couple in their beaks. You can also have any handwritten message, like a special date underneath the birds, eg: ‘Lucy and Steve 23rd August 2003.’

This comes framed in our bespoke silver-gold frame with our specially-made curved mount. This is a classy and traditional piece of art, which lovers will treasure forever.


FromLucy's It's Because Deluxe Personalised Print It's Because Deluxe Personalised Print

A perfect way to tell a mother, father, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandparent or someone else special all those reasons why you love them. ‘It’s Because’…

This beautiful contemporary print features Lucy Tapper’s stunning ‘seed plants’ illustrations surrounding the eight special ‘It’s Because’ reasons why you love that special person. This is a unique gift guaranteed to make someone’s day!

This print really celebrates all those ‘little things’ that make a person extra special. Simple sentences work the best, like: ‘She always reads all the words’ or ‘He has all the answers’ or ‘She makes the yummiest cakes’. This truly is a completely unique and personal gift. You choose eight reasons (anything you like) and FromLucy will do the rest.

Available in three different colourways (Slate, Candy and Aqua) this gift really will make a loved one feel special.

Show the love this Valentine's Day!

So what are you waiting for? We're ready to help you make this the most memorable Valentine's Day for that someone special in you life.

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