It’s less than one month until Mother’s Day so now is the perfect time to start shopping for the V.I.L (Very Important Lady!) in your life. Here are our top five picks for Mother’s Day 2017.


5) Mother’s Day in a Box

Every Mum deserves one of these on Mother’s Day. The one stop Mother’s Day in a Box is filled with everything any Mum could ever want. Including a badge that states ‘Today is my day’, one tea bag, one bath bomb, one heart shaped chocolate, one tin vase of paper flowers and a Mother’s Day card, AND for just £7.50 you can’t go wrong. This delicate yet jam packed box is sure to make your Mum smile. Get your box here.


4) Mama Bird Print

A gorgeous print for a gorgeous Mum! This print is beautifully illustrated by Lucy, and comes framed and all ready to hang, and can include lots of little personalised details that may not meet the eye to begin with. Each ‘baby’ bird can be personalised and they line up together to complete the family. From the initials in the hearts to the message around right hand side of the birds, this print would look beautiful on any wall and is sure to brighten up and room. Get your framed print here.


3) Little Mum Kit

This gorgeous little kit is perfect for any occasion, but Mother’s Day tops them all. It’s a great gift from either one or all of the children, with each denoted by a little illustrated chick, which sit next to your personalised message. Each charm represents the different phrased written on the bottom of the box, and create a lovely keepsake for your Mum to look back on and make her smile every day. It’s perfect for her to keep on her bedside table, desk at work or wherever she can see it on a daily basis. Get your little kit here.


2) Mother’s Day Deluxe Bundle

We know how hard it can be choosing just one gift for your Mum on Mother’s Day, so we’ve created 3 in 1 especially for this year! Our top 3 best selling Mother’s Day gifts have teamed up, meaning you can save money too. Our Mother’s Day in a Box (#5) and Little Mum Kit (#3) have been put together in a bundle with our Mum Challenges, meaning you can spend Mothering Sunday and many weekends after helping your Mum with her challenges. Some are for her to do alone, and other’s with her family – whatever the case, there is sure to be giggles and family time involved. Get your bundle here.


1) Mother's Day Love and Hedgehugs Every Month

If you read our Valentine’s Day, you’ll know that our Valentine’s Day Love and Hedgehugs Every Month were our top pick, so how could we not choose the Mother’s Day version especially for your Mum? The FromLucy team believe that you should show your Mum just how much you love her all year round, so created Love and Hedgehugs Every Month just for that. Every month for a year, your Mum will receive letters and collectable charms featuring the loveable Horace and Hattie through her letterbox; beginning with a box and starting note from her children. It was our best selling Mother’s Day product last year so it’s sure to make your Mum smile (and maybe even shed a tear!) when she reads her 12 notes. Get your Hedgehugs a Month here.


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Post By Olivia Searle