This year, Father's Day falls on Sunday 20th June 2021. If you can't see your dad in person this year then what better way to let him know how much he means to you with one of our heartfelt gifts. From personalised books to beautiful wall prints, all of our gifts celebrate dads and all they do for us.

Personalised 'Adventures With Dad' A5 Book

This 'big little adventure' book is filled with illustrated 'badges' that Dad can 'earn' with his offspring. Together they can follow the booklet's instructions to enjoy days or nights together spending quality time in each others' company, doing fun things.

On each page is an illustrated 'badge' or 'stamp' which prompts a new adventure. Then you can fill out what you did and when you completed it to earn the badge on that page! Badges to complete include 'Make A Splash', 'Go Climbing', 'Stargazing' 'Paper Boat Race', 'Games Night' and many more.

Dad Challenges

Looking to challenge your Dad a little bit? Our 'Dad Challenges' are the perfect solution, with 36 pre-written tasks to provide a bit of a challenge and spend more time with family and friends. The perfect gift for a birthday or Father's Day, the challenges cover a wide range of activities, all with helpful hints and tips. But the main idea is to have fun!

They are contained in a bespoke box, with each challenge colour-coordinated and sealed so they remain a surprise! And you can personalise the box with the name of the recipient.

'How Dad Are You?' Personalised A5 Books for Dads

Allow your Dad to enjoy working his way through this hilarious mini book to see if he 'ticks all the boxes' of a 'typical' Dad. Featuring lists of traits, catchphrases, jokes and mannerisms that the stereotypical Dads of this world can be known for, and a chance for him to tick the checkboxes alongside them, to truly discover his overall 'Dadness'.

Does he, or has he ever in the past; Turned anything he finds into a toy to be played with? Filled a drawer with weird bits and bobs? Had a hobby or collection that is of no use to anyone else in the family? Ignored the sat nav because he knows better? Called his child by their pet name in front of friends?

Personalised 'Roar Some' Washbag For Dad

The hard-wearing brushed cotton bag features the words: "Our Dad's roar-some mane-tenance kit, love from (eg) Daisy and Holly". Customers have the option to choose 'My Dad' to be given by one child, or 'Our Dad' from more than one child.

It stars the wonderful lion character from our personalised "My Dad" book and is a unique gift for birthdays, Father's Day or Christmas. The washbag is a perfect size to fit all those overnight essentials and can be given as a gift on its own, or filled with all his favourite goodies.

Personalised 'Why I'm Daddy's Girl / Boy' First Father's Day Book

A beautiful personalised book that celebrates the wonderful relationship between a baby and their first love, their daddy! This creative and completely unique and illustrated story also has a personal touch, allowing you to add your child's name for an even more engaging and immersive experience.

This gorgeous book is written from the baby's point of view as the baby observes all that their daddy does for them, including keeping them safe and warm, making them happy, protecting them, teaching them and showing them all that he knows. The story explores the idea of all the potential that the father can see in his child and all his hopes for their future.

Personalised 'Roar Some' Mane Man Mug For Dads

"Our Dad is 'Roarsome", says this cool quirky gift. Customers can choose from 'Our Dad' or 'My Dad' depending on how many children he has, and the names of those children are displayed on the mug as the givers of this heartfelt present!

On the other side of the mug, the Daddy Lion character from the 'Our Dad' personalised book is featured, with the words 'Mane Man' in big bold lettering, just to let Dad know that he really is the main man!

'Dad: The Comic' Personalised Comic for Dads

Does the dad in your life think of himself as a comic book hero? Has he always wanted to star in his own adventures? Well now he can... and not just in ONE comic strip story....

Dad - The Comic features FOUR different stories and adventures, and places dad right in the heart of all the action! He also gets his own pull out double-sided, full colour, personalised 'Super Dad' poster in the central spread! This comic features adventurous stories, strange tales, quirky characters and hilarious and amusing readers letters. Perfect for any dad.

'Our Dad Is Roar Some' Personalised Print For Fathers

This fantastic print features 4 lines of personalisation that follow the words "Our Dad is Roarsome because", in which four reasons can be given as to why your Dad is 'Roar-some! For eg: He makes us feel safe', or 'he always makes us laugh' etc.

The name(s) of his child(ren) can also be added to the bottom of the print, alongside an illustration of a Daddy lion cuddling the same number of cubs as there are children. This is a keepsake that Dad will treasure forever.

'The Daily Dad' Personalised Newspaper for Dads

The A4 newspaper has 12 pages filled with spaces for the children of the family to draw pictures and write all about what they think of their Dad. If the children are yet to learn to write, an adult can fill in their answers for them - it's the answer that make this a truly special gift!

This fun newspaper is filled with hilarious spoof articles, including a 'Step By Step Guide To Washing The Car', an incredible Problem Page with 'Dear Daz', an advertisement for a special Dad Fairground and a classifieds page which includes a Dad job description!

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Post By Rosie Burnman