If you are looking for a unique gift to give your loved one this Valentine's Day, look no further than our brilliant range of personalised prints, books mugs and gifts. Featuring stunning original designs and delightful illustrations hand-drawn by artist and designer Lucy Tapper, each gift idea will warm your loved ones heart this Valentine's Day.

Books & Newspapers

Personalised 'Our Love Story' A5 Book

Every love story is beautiful, but yours is the best! Celebrate your very own love story with this stunning, colourful, illustrated 'Mini-Book'. Personalise every page with details about your own unique relationship, your names, where and when you met, the little things and the big things.

This book celebrates the things that you share, the things that make you laugh, 'your song' and so so much more. Give this thoughtful gift to the one you love to celebrate the uniqueness of your own beautiful love story on every single page.

Personalised 'Our Journey Together' Book for Couples

A truly beautiful book that celebrates the truth of being in a relationship, without the soppiness! Starring you, in the form of two adorable otters, as they negotiate the journey of life. It isn’t always easy, they don’t always know where they are going but they know they’ll be OK because they have each other.

The personalised element of the book includes where and when you met, an example of your happy times, and hard times, your favourite places and, of course, your names. There is no reference to age or gender, so this book is perfect for every couple in the world!

'You're My First Valentine' Personalised Book For Parents

A wonderful book to commemorate a child's very first Valentine's Day, celebrating their first true love, their daddy or mummy!

The story explores the special bond between a child and their parent. The hopes and dreams and the never-ending love and support.

This book will make any new parent cry (in a good way!) and contains personalised details including where they live and their favourite things to do together.

'The Valen Times' Personalised Newspaper for Valentine's Day

'The Valen-Times', a wonderful personalised newspaper for couples to fill out together, read together, and laugh over together! This A4 newspaper has 12 pages filled with amazing facts, hilarious spoof articles and fun pages all about love, Valentine's and being a couple, with spaces to be filled in by the couple to look back on and giggle over for years to come.

Enjoy filling out a questionnaire about 'who is the best/worst at and why?' and take a multiple choice quiz to find out 'what type of couple are you?' This incredible newspaper also includes a personalised article about why the couple in question has been awarded 'World's Best Couple' including a certificate on the front page!

Illustrated Prints

Corelli Trees Personalised Print

This gorgeous Corelli Trees personalised illustrated print is a visual representation of the beautiful Louis De Bernieres' "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" quote, often read at weddings.

The two Corelli Trees grow together and the space between their trunks forms a heart with space for the following words: "Love is roots that have become so entwined together it is inconceivable to ever part. Roots that grow towards each other underground and when all the pretty blossom has fallen from your branches you find that you are one tree and not two". 

Personalised Illustrated Same Sex Couple Print for Women & Men

A fabulous print for any couple personalised with their names, an illustration and a small quote/extract! This simple yet effective print is a perfect wedding, anniversary or even birthday gift for a couple close to you or a distant relative!

All you need to know is their names and what they look like, and then you can add your own personalised message at the bottom of the print (e.g. Met on 2nd April 2016). Each beautiful illustration is hand-drawn by artist and designer Lucy Tapper. You can choose from 32 different illustrations that look most like the happy couple.

Personalised Illustrated Same Sex Couple Print for Women & Men

Love Bird Kiss Personalised Framed Print

Our Love Bird Kiss personalised print is a unique, touching gift for any couple and a perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding, engagement or just to spoil the one that you love!

This gorgeous print features two cute illustrated birds by artist Lucy Tapper holding their hearts in their beaks as they share a kiss. It includes the name of the happy couple and an important date such as a wedding or anniversary.

Mugs & Other Gifts

Love Bird Mugs (Set Of Two)

These unique 'Love Bird' mugs are beautifully personalised and a great gift for a couple in love. Both mugs feature a love bird in either blue or pink which, when pushed together, look like they are kissing.

On the back of the mugs are two sets of words that make no sense when separate, but when pushed together read "Made to be together". You can also add a special date to sit underneath.

His & Hers Personalised Illustrated Mugs

A fantastic pair of mugs, perfect for any couple personalised with their names, a choice of titles and even an illustration of them! Each beautiful illustration is hand-drawn by artist and designer Lucy Tapper.

Not only can you include their names, you can also choose between 32 beautifully illustrated characters to find the man and woman who look most like the happy couple. Choose between five different titles, including 'Mr' and 'Mrs', 'His' and 'Hers', and even 'The Boss' and 'The Real Boss'!

'Happy Memories' Diary Box

The Happy Memories Box is the perfect gift for anyone, any time and for any occasion! Whether it’s a friend, family member or loved one; for their birthday, anniversary or to pick them up when they’re down, the Happy Memories Box is the perfect way to spread a little joy.

Beautifully illustrated by our very own Lucy Tapper, the back of the box includes inspiring words to show you how to use your Happy Box. The set comes with 40 blank illustrated cards in a drawstring bag, just waiting for you to write down all of your happy memories. Just pop them in the top of the box and wait until it’s full, when you can relive all of those happy memories!

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Post By Rosie Burnman