Since launching our Personalised Illustrated Dog Portrait on our website, it's been a big hit with all of our lovely customers!

Having grown up with dogs and being surrounded by wagging tails and muddy paw prints, I understand that dogs are very much a part of the family they belong to. I know how much my friends and family love their dogs, so came up with the idea of illustrating them and creating a unique and personalised pawtrait. - Lucy Tapper, creator of FromLucy.

Not a day goes by where we don't huddle round one computer "aww-ing" and fussing over the numerous photos of your dogs  - wishing they were our own! It inspired the team at FromLucy to do a blog feature once a month for 'Dog of the Month', which is where we all come together and choose our favourite dog (it's just as hard as picking a favourite child, trust us...). Each time you order a dog print - your bundle of fun is entered into our competition, with the winner receiving 10% off their next order on



Our Dog of the Month for April is Suzie! Suzie and her owner Michelle live all the way over in Australia! Michelle submitted numerous photos of Suzie for our in-house designers to illustrate and none of us could stop smiling as we were scrolling through all of her photos! We've added some of our favourites below.



...Now can you see why we love her SO much?! She's actually SMILING! #fangirlingoverdogs

Here's a little insight as to how our in-house designer, Lizzie, illustrates all of your bundles of joy;

As well as the million and one other things she's doing, she somehow manages to draw and illustrate a few dogs every day. It all begins at around 9am, when we organise all of our orders into some sort of order, when we bombard Lizzie with all of the doggies!



Lizzie will start, first of all, with a good old cup of tea (2 sugars, in case you were all wondering), followed by lightly sketching your pooch on our swishy studio iPad. Using a variety of different brush sizes and techniques, she'll use this time to make sure everything is in proportion ready for when she begins to shade and colour them.



Now for the fun part! Lizzie will now pick the colours from your dogs fur and begin shading and colouring it in, again using a variety of different brush sizes and techniques. In between colouring - she's contending with the rest of the team watching her illustrate over her shoulder. (Sorry Lizzie!)



The final stretch! This is where we see the print come together as one. You have 3 choices of background colour; Inky blue (shown above), Teal and Cream. Lizzie will insert the name of your dog, enter the caption and centralise everything so it's all in the right place, ensuring each element is perfect.

After this process, your print will be sent to our local, professional framers who will ensure your framed print is perfect for you. Securely packed and well protected, your frame will be with you within 5-7 days prior to ordering it (it'll be a tad longer if you're outside of the UK)!

We always look forward to receiving your orders and photos of your gorgeous dogs, so make sure you keep them coming!

There are 2 different styles and both can be found on our website, portrait and landscape.

Design 1 - portrait:

Design 2 - landscape:

Post By Olivia Searle