In June this year (yes, JUNE!), we began planning our wonderful Christmas Eve range that would be a must-have for all families this Christmas.

It all began with our Christmas Eve book, which was written by Steve and Lucy with all children in mind. The magic of Christmas Eve is all about the finishing touches on the Christmas presents under the tree, hanging stockings up for the whole family and preparing a plate of goodies for Father Christmas. Our girls are besotted with being cosy in front of the fire from October on wards, but there's something about Christmas Eve that means we have to put extra chocolate sprinkles on our hot chocolates and have more blankets wrapped around us.

Our wonderful Christmas Eve book is based upon all of these magical moments and many more.

"We began writing and designing this book at the end of May this year, and with the help of our wonderful daughters we managed to come up with the concept of children saving Christmas Eve with our beloved friend from 'The Mouse With No House' personalised book". - Lucy Tapper

Sketchbook out and pencil at the ready, Lucy and Steve begin writing the story. Toying between hundreds of ideas, it's all down to Daisy and Holly to decide the final story. They also happened to choose the offices' favourite story too - so well done girls!



Pages and pages of mice were sketched, by hand, by Lucy. Hours turned to days and days turned to weeks, and this adorable mouse finally began to come to life (again!).

Next comes the double page spreads, which can only be created after the story is written...



The unique point about this book is that it can be catered for up to four children. Our 'My/Our Dad' was a huge success during the Father's Day period, with this book being our first ever book to have the option of four children throughout the story. There are many siblings out there who love reading stories together and sharing books, including our two girls, so we figured this would be a great way to make them feel like Santa's little team!



From this point on, it's down to our in-house designers to work alongside Lucy, illustrating this book and bringing it to life, but that's a whole other story...

Post By Olivia Searle