Here our very own Lucy Tapper gives a little insight into how she takes a product design from a thought in her head, to a best selling gift!

'How I Create A Product' by Lucy

I often get asked about how I come up with a new product, so I thought I'd take you through my process to give you a little insight to the way I think.
First of all comes theProduct IdeaAll of my products come from my own personal experiences. They are either created for people I love, or a special occasion, or as a result of solving one of life’s little problems. I usually think about the product for a few days, or even weeks before I tell Steve. If he thinks it’s a good idea, I then share it with the team. If they also like it I then get started on theDesign Process
In this instance, we all decided that our 'It's Because' print (originally designed for my husband on Father’s day four years ago) needed a facelift and a re-design.

The original print:from-lucy-its-because-dadWith product re-vamps, there are a few things to think about - for example the size of our frames and our packaging, and I also need to bear in mind the personalisation of the product. So, with this in mind, I go ahead and come up with someInitial Ideas


These are doodles in my sketchbook that look like scribbles to everyone else, but I know what they mean!

Once I have latched onto a theme, then comesThe Imagery
I wanted the new ‘It’s Because’ print to look totally different to the original design. Flowers are always a good way of telling someone that you love them, but this print needed to work for both men and women. So I thought about other 'plant' forms. Leaves were my first thought, but I worried that it would make the design look autumnal. So I then thought about seed-heads. A symbol of wishes and growth, and also a lovely thing to draw!

Next is theResearch
My lovely stash of design books and Google Images are always my first port of call if I need some extra help!research
I put together a simple spread-sheet of pictures, patterns, colours and imagery that will help inspire my design.

Then comesThe Drawing
After I have gathered together some inspiration I do a quick scribble of how I see the final design. Then I set about sketching the individual elements of the overall design. Once I have these in pencil, I then ink them up on my light box.

pencil drawingsinkeddrawings

I then scan them into myComputerIt is here that I can easily try out different layouts and colours. I spend a long time playing with colourways. I usually like to limit my pallet and I always need to think about my customers and the recipient of the picture. I also spend a long time researching which font will look good with the design - I find an invaluable resource!

Final TweaksThis is a rather odd stage in the process, but I’ll let you into it! I print out my design, stick some blue-tack onto the back and then I carry it around with me. I stick it up in my sight when I am cooking, washing up, watching TV, in the bath even by my bed! It comes everywhere with me. I make notes on it, see the bits I like and what isn’t working. Usually by the next day I know exactly what I need to do and I implement all the changes I have thought about. Then comes…

The Real TestOnce I am happy with my design I then print out a final example and show it to Steve and the team. Usually they love what I have done, but occasionally they suggest a few minor changes that will enhance it’s saleability, or the practicalities of how it can be made/posted/be more time-efficient etc… and what it’s ‘name’ should be.

Once we are all happy. The final product gets photographed and put online (which is a whole other creative process in itself - I rely on Steve and the team for this!), ready for everyone to enjoy.

It's Because Deluxe personalised printTurquoise colourway (s)Slate colourway (s)Pink colourway(s)

It's Because personalised print

Aqua SquareSlate square 2

Candy detail Slate detail


I hope that gives you a little insight into how my beautiful creations come to life, from thought to drawing to reality. One thing is for sure, I am never short of ideas, just time. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself!

Have a look at the gorgeous finished designs available to buy online today. Perfect for your loved one this Valentine’s day, or for a wonderful Mum (Mother’s Day is not long away!)




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