The FromLucy Elves are working in over drive to get all of your lovely, personalised gifts dispatched in time for Christmas, but the good news is, they still had time to write one last book in time for Christmas, that we think every child will love! 'Your Elf' Personalised Children's Christmas Story Book is joining the ever growing collection of children's story books, written and illustrated by our very own Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson. Following a wonderful Christmas story, it's the book to have in your child's Christmas Eve box this year, and the one to read to your child tucked up in bed in the run up to Christmas!

This beautiful Christmas story book tells the story of a cheeky little elf who has been living with the child and helping Father Christmas to decide whether they're on the good or bad list! This book can be fully personalised, to make your child have a central role in their very own story! Each page of the story book includes snippets of fun information about the child, that they'll wonder how the book knows! It includes everything from the child's name and their favourite television show right down to their family and friends, it's really rather clever! The front and back pages of the book both feature the child's name, with room at the front for your own special message!


You'll find that your child will become engrossed in the story as it unfolds, and as they learn that the elf has been living with them for the whole year, and joining in with them on all of their adventures. Now that really is one mischievous elf?!

As they fast track to the ending of the story, the child will find that they've made it to Santa's 'Amazing List', Hooray!!!


'Your Elf' personalised story book is the book that will be pulled out for years to come whilst your child is still young, packed with beautiful illustrations by Lucy Tapper, it's a stimulating read that wonderfully captures the true essence of Christmas! We think it would be perfect for adding to a Christmas Eve box for your child this year, filled with lots of things they love, based around Christmas. This book would go perfectly with a pair of Christmas PJs and some hot chocolate to enjoy whilst reading their new story book tucked up in bed on Christmas Eve!

We're sure you'll agree that it's the perfect little stocking filler idea for your child this Christmas! Check out our Christmas stocking fillers ideas at FromLucy for plenty more inspiration! Head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our latest news, competitions and lots more fun!

Post By Nicole Sage