The World Is A Big Place

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We all know that even though we can send an email in an instant to the other side of the planet, and  sit and skype with loved ones around the world, it's still a pretty huge place. Planet Earth has about 7.3 billion people, which can make you feel like a tiny part in a very big machine.

It's the things that bring people together, and the sharing of memories that make us at FromLucy love being part of the human race. We're not all as bad as the media says, and with this in mind, we always try and take time to wonder at the beautiful things in life; the birth of a new baby - what a miracle that event is! The sunrise on a sunny day. The golden light of an autumn afternoon. The sound of frost under your feet in the winter. The overwhelming rush of falling/being/staying in love.

This is why we are absolutely delighted to announce that FromLucy is shipping to more countries around the world than ever as of today.Our unique products are ready to help our customers overseas to make happy memories with their loved ones and can now be shipped to not only the USA, Canada and Southern Ireland (Eire), but we can also now send to Western Europe including Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Hungary, Finland and Denmark.

English speaking customers in France who would like English language versions of our products can also order from FromLucy, but if you would like French language versions of all our products, then head over to our sister company FromLucy France to see and order our beautiful personalised goods available in the language of love!

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Also, customers in Australia, New Zealand can now enjoy our 'Little Kits', 'Happy Box'/'Firsts Box'/'Worry Box', 'In A Box' & 'Challenges' box ranges,  Pirate, Fairy, Teacher, My Mum, Mama Bird, Love Bird Kiss and many other small framed prints.... and last but not least, Books!

Don't forget, that we are able to offer our products in German language versions too, including our Little Kits and prints. We are also able to translate our products into Italian and Spanish. Drop us a line to enquire.

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Here at FromLucy we make it our mission to help families record special moments in life, make magic memories and share the wonders and the joy in life.

The world is a big place, let's fill it with as much love as we can!Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.53.21




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