Our New Arrival

Tuesday, 6th of March 2018

On a rainy February Monday, Steve and I travelled all the way to Bristol to pick up our beautiful new baby hoglet. We entered 'Reptile Zone', the shop owned by a very patient Pete, (who had answered countless texts and emails from me - a very excited (and

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Making My Dreams a Reality

Friday, 12th of January 2018

My first blog in a such a long time! I thought it'd be perfect to express my current thoughts on where I'm currently at in my life, in terms of business and personally - seeing as it's "Make Your Dreams Come True" day!

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Secret Santa Gift Guide

Thursday, 30th of November 2017

Whether it’s among your family to save money, a lucky dip in the office or for someone that you just don’t know, Secret Santa is becoming more and more popular by the year. See our suggestions below on what you can get for who!Little Friendship Kit | Russian

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Sketching Our Christmas Eve Book

Wednesday, 22nd of November 2017

In June this year (yes, JUNE!), we began planning our wonderful Christmas Eve range that would be a must-have for all families this Christmas.

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A New Birthday Book Ready To Wow You!

Tuesday, 14th of November 2017

We love birthdays at FromLucy and we know exactly how you should be celebrating them!

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FromLucy Love Luna...

Friday, 27th of October 2017

Here at FromLucy, we are avid watches of ITV's This Morning as our wonderful Steve is a presenter on the show! Back in February, we launched our dog products to all of our customers and they went down a treat.

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