End Of Term Teacher Gifts!

Where does the time go? We now have just under a month to go until the kids break up for the Summer holidays, and monsoon season hits the UK.. (not this year.. pleeease!).

This means that for some, they will not only be finishing their school year, but perhaps leaving school to go up to big school, or maybe leaving school for good... and there is always a special teacher that deserves a lovely gift to say 'thank you' and to help remember their pupils by.

Here at FromLucy we have a wonderful selection of gifts for teachers ready for the end of term.

We of course have our original best seller, the Little Teacher Kit, filled with phrases of appreciation for your teacher, and little charms that correspond to each phrase, plus your personalised message! We also have our new, fresh updated version of our little kits, in the form of 'A Little Kit For...My Teacher'... same lovely phrases and charms, but in a cute cotton bag,  your personalised message, and a fresh new design by Lucy Tapper.


How about a print for a lovely teacher to hang on their wall at home or in the classroom?

'A Great Teacher' is a beautiful hand illustrated picture, featuring some heartfelt phrases that describe how a great teacher can inspire, encourage and enthuse a pupil or a whole class, with the teacher's name at the top, and the sender's name(s) below. The wonderful words on the print are:
“You took my hand, opened my mind and touched my heart. You showed me where to look, but not what to see. I may forget some of the things you’ve said, but I will never forget how you made me feel. Thank you for planting the seeds of knowledge, they will grow forever.”

It's no wonder that this is one of our most popular prints at this time of year!

FromLucy_GreatTeacher FromLucy_GreatTeacher_Pink_WhiteFrame_s

'Teacher Sum' is a fun print that any teacher would adore.

The picture is in the style of chalk on a blackboard showing a spoof mathematical equation, with the final result equalling the name of your teacher!

All the sums begin the same, the illustration shows the following (using mathematical symbols): The sum of a great teacher, kindness + patience divided by knowledge squared + enthusiasm x dedication.

You then have the option to add two unique facts about your teacher to the sum. These can be the things that make them extra special, or the things that you will never forget about them. These two facts will feature in the sum, and will make your picture a unique and one-off gift, guaranteed to delight your chosen tutor.

The final part of the ‘sum’ requires you to tell us who the teacher divides themself between, whether it be a particular class, or a whole school.

The result of the ‘sum’ equals the name of your special teacher. Simple!

FromLucy_Teacher-Sum-Print_Black-Frame_s FromLucy_Teacher-Sum-Print_Oak-Frame_s

Is your teacher fun, lively and game for a laugh, or do they need to liven up their lessons?

Whatever the case, ‘Teacher Challenges’ offers the opportunity to challenge your teacher with 36 pre-written tasks designed to challenge, test, and help to make memories to last for a lifetime.

Contained in a bespoke box designed by artist Lucy Tapper, each colour co-ordinated challenge has been carefully hand picked by the team at FromLucy. Some will make your teacher think, some will encourage teamwork and some will just make them giggle, but all will get them thinking on their feet (and may even make lessons more exciting!)

The challenges cover a wide range of activities, from ‘Collect Happiness’ to ‘Write and perform a class song” Some are designed for your teacher to undertake by themselves, others, for the whole class to complete. They can be made as simple or as difficult as you like. Most of all, they will be fun!

The box can be personalised with the name of the recipient by adding a name above the title ‘Teacher Challenges’ (This would then read for eg: Mrs Jones’ Teacher Challenges, or Mr Matthew’s Teacher Challenges) to make it a unique and unforgettable gift for your teacher.

And, can they spot the two deliberate spelling/grammatical mistakes in this product too… ?!

FL20160427-076 FL20160427-051

Another lovely present to give is our 'Teacher In A Box' gift.
From the beautifully illustrated owl on the front of the box, the colour co-ordinated card and Fab Teacher Award, together with all the necessary components for a special thank you gift, this unique fun and novel gift is perfect way to say ‘Thank You!’ to your teacher
For only £7.50, your teacher gets all this... Inside the box is a beautiful mini card with a message which reads “Thank You for being my teacher”‘; Fab Teacher Award stating “This is to recognise that you are an amazing teacher. It is to remind everyone that we are so lucky to have you teaching us. (Thank You!)); 1 x Teacher Badge (‘World’s most fab teacher!’); 1 x tea bag; 1 x apple flavoured sweet, 1 x owl shaped bookmark. The cleverly designed mini card even shows the words ‘Fab Teacher’ through the speech-bubble window so the front of the box says ‘Fab Teacher In A Box’!

FL20160427-111 FL20160427-100

Lastly, if you just want to say 'Thanks' to your teacher, in a unique way, then the 'Teacher Thanks A Bunch' box is the gift for you.

Giving flowers is a traditional way of saying ‘thank you’, and there is nothing more unique and special than giving this delightful printed box, with a cute little vase and set of paper flowers inside, illustrated by Lucy Tapper.

For the teacher who has gone that extra mile, or who has made the school day bearable, why not say ‘Thank You’ in a truly unique way?

In the bottom of the box the following words are written:

“Arrange your paper flowers in the tiny little vase, and pop them somewhere near to brighten up your days”

FromLucy_ThanksABunch_Teacher_Detail_s Teacher1

So, as you can see, we have lots of great ideas for the end of the school term. Why not make your teacher's year and give them something truly original. FromLucy has the teacher gifts that you need!









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