A Spiky Encounter!

Hedgehugs Shortlisted for ANOTHER book award!Our Lucy and Steve departed the  FromLucy HQ this week with a bunch of Hedgehugs books, 2015 Calendars and Family Organisers, and visited Sunbeams Day Nursery in Plymouth to read the book to the children, and view their lovely Horace & Hattie pictures they had been colouring all week.

A lovely time was had by all, a lot of books were sold to happy parents/carers, and the icing on the cake for everybody was ......

A Spiky Encounter!

The nursery had brought in a cute little albino hedgehog called Harry, who the children and staff are looking after for a few weeks.  He was TINY ! And so friendly. And his spikes were cream coloured! And his tummy was SOFT!

Needless to say, we were smitten. The only spiky creatures we love a little bit more are our creations Horace & Hattie, the Hedgehugs, who are also utterly adorable, and available in many product options right here at FromLucy.

Many thanks to everyone at Sunbeams Day Nursery who helped make it a lovely , fun morning.

Steve & Lucy are also working on some exciting new Hedgehugs products, including another book... so watch this space !

The future's bright, the future's spiky!


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