We love birthdays at FromLucy and we know exactly how you should be celebrating them!

How many birthday presents can you remember receiving from years gone by? Maybe a few will spring to mind - but the truly special ones that stay with you always have a personal touch. This is where our WOW! books come in... Join the adorable Numbear and his trusty sidekick Numbird as they take you through pages of amusing and exciting facts brought to life with stunning and unique artistic illustrations by Lucy Tapper - evoking a world that your children will want to be immersed in time and again.

Whether your youngster is turning one or seeing in their tenth birthday, leave a lasting impression with a cute, colourful and funny personalised birthday book that you can customise as you wish! And our creativity doesn't stop there, on their next birthday your boy or girl can open up their next WOW! book filled with brand new stories, facts and illustrations to enjoy all over again.

If this hasn't wowed you, let us guide you through just one of our personalised children's books to give you a glimpse into what's on offer...


Drawn to inspire and entertain... customise this book with your child's name against a backdrop of quirky animal characters, bursting with personality. Every WOW! book features a different group of animals to make anyone smile and you can even choose easy to flick through paperback or hardback formats to suit the specific needs you're aiming for.


Once your children have unwrapped their book, it's time to see what awaits them inside! They'll be thrilled to find that their very own name has been scattered throughout the story, making it a more personal adventure that they can really invest in. Packed with facts, youngsters will love learning about everything from how much their grows in a year to how many times their heart beats in their first year of living!


Filled with vivid imagery to spark your imagination and make our stories come alive...


If you're looking for a present that will be enjoyed and remembered for years to come, this is a lovely gift to give your children now and create some memories for later!

Order your copy of Wow You're... today! (Or when your kid's birthday is approaching!)

Post By Ed Mason