With just over one month until Father's Day, we've put together a selection of products we know your Dad will love! With a lot of brainstorming and discussions, all of us at FromLucy have narrowed down their favourite Father's Day gifts to show you!


5) Father's Day in a Box

This delightful little box is packed with little knick-knacks that are sure to make your Dad smile. The one stop Father's Day in a Box consists of a number of different items that are a perfect way to say Happy Father's Day. The box includes a mini Father's Day card, a badge, a tea bag, a childhood/retro sweet, a key-shaped bottle opener and a set of Father's Day instructions. This is one of our most popular Father's Day gifts as it's brilliant value for money - with the whole box being less expensive than the retail price of the bottle opener! Get your box here.


4) Personalised Family Bicycle Print

This bespoke print is the perfect gift for any bike-mad Dad! Both of the Dad's in the FromLucy studio are crazy about their bikes, so when Lucy came up with the idea of this Family Bicycle Print, there were almost tears of joy. Pick between 10 different bikes (all hand chosen by Steve) and with them ranging from road bikes to kids' tricycles, there's sure to be a bike in the list that suits each member of the household! Get your print here.


3) Personalised Dad Challenges

If your Dad is one of those Dad's that's up for spending the whole weekend with the family, but isn't sure what to do, then this may be your answer! Our Dad challenges were designed with everyone in mind, with there being a diverse range of activities for Dad to do on his own or with the family. With the colour coded cards making it easier for Dad to decipher the challenges, it's sure to make his weekends more productive and fun for everyone all round! Get your challenges here.



2) Little Dad Kit

A staple gift for any Dad on Father's Day. Containing a personalised message from his beloved children and a selection of charms to show him how much he means to them, this gift is a must-have for any Dad. The charms featured in the box are a glass bottle containing tiny bronze stars, a bronze brush, a soldier, a shield, a compass and 4 mini beads spelling out the word 'hero'.  This little kit is one of our best selling products for Father's Day, and if your Dad hasn't yet recieved one, you can head over here to get one!



1) The 'Our Dad' range

New to 2017! The Our Dad and My Dad range is just one of the exciting new projects that Lucy has set herself for this year. Featuring a beautifully illustrated lion and his little cubs on each product, this range is a wonderful way to say 'Happy Father's Day', especially if you like sticking to a theme! We won't go into too much detail on each product, but if you'd like to see more on what's what, then watch our for our post coming soon where all the attention is on this range! Shop the Our Dad products here.


So there's that! We hope this gives you some Father's Day gifting inspiration and that all of you lovely Dad's have a wonderful Father's Day!

Post By Olivia Searle