Sketchy Friday! The Great Works Of Lucy Tapper!

It's a beautiful sunny Friday here at FromLucy, and I was thinking about what I could write about to peak the interest of our lovely FromLucy customers.

I first thought I could tell you about our wonderful new Father's Day In A Box product, but then I thought.... it's still slightly too early, I'll do that next week.

Teacher In A Box? Waaay too early for the end of term too.

How about our personalised books, or our Challenges, all of which have exciting new additions to the line-ups being added imminently....

But in the end I decided to make today...Sketchy Friday! The Great Works Of Lucy Tapper!

We have been having a big office re-fit lately, which has spurned Lucy to sort through her immense back catalogue of pencil drawings, and she has unearthed some lovely pieces of FromLucy and Hedgehugs history in her many past sketchbooks, which are now neatly lined up on a shelf, ready to be re-looked at, re-loved and remembered.

So, instead of telling you all about our new products (at least for today, just wait til next week!), I thought it would be nice to share a nice big gallery of these pencil drawings, straight from the fair hand of Lucy. See if you can spot any original drawings that evolved into some of our best selling products.. like The Day You Were BornThe Great WorksNow You're The Biggest, Welcome To The World, the Happy Box, Our Song print, Mama Bird print, Your Special Day, our lovely Hedgehugs products and books and many more!!! (apologies for the watermarks, but we don't want any sneaky printing out at home do we...?!!!)

Enjoy Sketchy Friday! The great works of Lucy Tapper!, a collection of lovely images from the early beginnings of Lucy's sketchbook collection right up to now.

Have a lovely sunny weekend!

Steve and the FromLucy team.

watermark fleck & nanowatermark Now2 watermark oursongwatermark owl

watermark teacher owl watermark weasly watermark Welcome watermark winter treewatermark Hattiepillarwatermark heart treeswatermark Janwatermark hug1watermark index

watermark smile watermark sock watermark squeak watermark tea

watermark row watermark rowrow watermark ship watermark sledge

watermark Gt Works watermark happy box watermark hattie reading watermark pirate

watermark Grubsonville 2watermark fairy watermark fairy2 watermark fish

watermark elephants watermark elfwatermark Cpillar watermark croc

watermark bird watermark birds watermark cheeky watermark cornish treewatermark lovebirds watermark mama bird watermark monkey watermark monty




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