Horace & Hattie the Hedgehugs are now entertaining children in a new part of the world!

Horace & Hattie's New 'Korea' Move!

Yes, the popular children's book is now printed in the lovely language of Korea by 'Awesome World'. and we think it looks lovely!

Here's a quote from our Lucy and Steve: "Lucy and I are absolutely delighted that Horace & Hattie will be entertaining kids overseas. It's such a buzz to see our book in a new language, knowing it will bring such joy to children so far away. Our hope is we can reach audiences all over the world and introduce them to Horace & Hattie, with this book and all the one's that will follow."

Speaking of which, a second book in the Hedgehugs series is due out this Spring. It's a very sweet story of curiosity, protection, wonder and fulfilling a dream, which we are sure will delight little ones and their parents alike.

We'll post up some sneak peeks when we're closer to the launch date... because Lucy's sketchbooks are here and we have access to a scanner.....

For now, here's a few shots of the Korean version of Hedgehugs!

korea1 korea2 korea3


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