A Little Kit For...

They say a change is as good as a rest...
Winston Churchill once said "To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often."
And our Steve sometimes remembers to change his socks.

So in honour of all this, we are very proud to show you our newest spin on the traditional Little Kit range that we pioneered a little while ago now, here at  FromLucy.

A Little Kit For... is a beautiful little range of gifts that we have added to our ever expanding range of lovely keepsakes for the wonderful people in life: Mums, Dads, Friends, Grandparents, and for special celebrations like milestone birthdays and even losing a tooth!


Each 'A Little Kit For...' features a beautiful little cotton drawstring bag, printed with an original Lucy Tapper design,  and a matching tag that announces who it is for; Dad, Mum, Friends etc.


Inside each bag is a series of heart warming phrases that say why the recipient is such a special person, and each phrase has a corresponding keepsake charm! There is also your choice of either a printed personalised message card, or a card with a blank space for you to hand write your message yourself!


Check out our new range here, and browse for every occasion... from the fast approaching Father's Day, to the Teacher gifts for the end of term, and all the way to Christmas, Valentines, and Mother's Day!

So, change is good. Especially as you can have 'change' from a tenner per  'A Little Kit For...' box!



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